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About us

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Prof. Ron Nabarro

Industrial designer, Design strategist, entrepreneur, educator, and researcher. Prof. Nabarro is recognized as a thought leader in integrating age-friendly design and innovation into business. He has played a leading role in the emergence of age-friendly design and age-friendly design education. He is a practicing designer since 1970, and to date, he has designed more than 850 products in a wide range of industries. Israel Museum exhibited his design work in a solo exhibition in 1990. He is the recipient of the World Technology Network Award 2009 in the field of design for his long-term contributions in the field of age-friendly design. Prof. Nabarro teaches Design Strategy, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, and Age-friendly design in Israel and China. He is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and has presented at TED events. 

Extended team

We work with external experts based on the project needs.

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